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NOTE: Make sure you read the format rules before returning your registrations to production. Thank you, and Good Luck !  MA Roadshow


You Got Form? 

A unique new Martial Arts Kata Competition designed to highlight the fusion of traditional and contemporary martial arts through media awareness. This event is not in competition with any regular martial arts forms/kata circuits out there, but actually formed to support the athletes and dedicated martial artists who compete week in week out at these events with an alternative platform to showcase their skills and the arts they study. 

The Dragons Challenge is designed for media production, therefore providing an alternative ruling system that fuses the styles performed on an equal and fair scoring criteria that allows each stylist an unhibited platform to compete on the same stage regardless of their kata/ poomse/ or form style.

On Sunday 26th May at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, the prestigious martial arts event 'The Kings Battleground' will host the pilot event of the Dragons Challenge in association with the Martial Art Roadshow, MA Action and Nui Lung Productions. However, this pilot event needs the support of you! the martial artist's who study and practice the art of forms/kata regardless of rank, style, age or association. 

The actual competition is an all day event split in to two formats. The first of which is the 'Highlight' Championship event with divisions split for children and adults, junior grade and black belts (See Tournament Format for details).

This is followed by the 'Prime' event, where the gold medalists of the highlight championship are invited to compete once again for the overall title. 

As well as the unique formats, the Dragons Challenge will also bring together a very high profile judging panel, commentary team as well as our host presenter the 'Lady Dragon' herself... Zara Phythian. 

Even as we speak we have great sponsors signing up and onboard for our pilot event. You can find details of these on our news update posts leading up to the day of the competition. 

The Pilot Event


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